12:00 - 21:00


Seafood soup

Creamy soup of fresh fish & shrimps


Soup of the day

Ask your waiter for our soup of the day. Homemade and daily fresh


Green asparagus

Grilled green asparagus served with truffle risotto and smoked olive oil


Truffle Carpaccio

Truffle marinated thinly sliced beef/pine nuts/parmesan cheese/arugula/truffle/balsamic mayonnaise



Fresh local caught fish cooked in citrus with cilantro and peppers


Tuna Appetizer

Duo of local caught tuna/sesame crusted slightly seared tataki/marinated tartar with a dressing of sesame and soy/served with wasabi mayonnaise/wakame and ginger


Tempura shrimps

Marinated shrimps in tempura batter served with a relish of tropical fruits and coconut curry mayonnaise


Steak Tartar

Marinated tartar of raw beef tenderloin with onions/capers/Worchestershire sauce./egg yolk/pickles and argula



Our Foodies style salads as appetizer or full meal

Pick your size:
Appetizer  $14.75
Full meal  $ 18.75

Greek beef salad

Crispy Romain lettuce mixed with beef strips, feta cheese, red onion, olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and tzatziki

Salad Old Amsterdam

Crispy Romain lettuce mixed with matured cheese, roasted cashew, walnuts, bacon, grapes, red onion and a dressing of mustard and honey

Tuna salad

Crispy Romain lettuce mixed with olives, capers, red onion, boiled egg, crispy string beans and Foodies house dressing. Topped with local caught fresh tuna

Salad fresh shrimps

Crispy Romain lettuce mixed with garlic shrimps, spring onions, pineapple, red onion, boiled egg, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and red curry-coconut dressing


Main courses


Duck breast

Soft canette duck breast served with red port reduction, vegetables and potato mousseline


Filet mignon

Most mellow part of Brazilian beef served with a pink peppercorn sauce, vegetables and risotto


Pork tomahawk steak

12 oz. bone in tomahawk steak of pork served with a sauce of mustard and chorizo, vegetables and potato-argula mash


Lam chops

Tender lamb chops served with thyme flavored lamb gravy, vegetables and bonne femme potato garnish


Side dishes

Fries or Garlic Pasta



Catch of the day

Ask our waiter what our local fisherman caught for you today. Served with changing vegetables and garnish


Red snapper

Skin baked local caught red snapper filet with a crust of Cajun served with vegetables and risotto


Tuna tataki

Our signature dish, probably the island's best. Local caught. Served with our Foodies sesame-soy sauce/wasabi mayonnaise and wakame


Giant shrimps

Big garlic marinated shrimps served head on with a sauce of curry and coconut/aioli/vegetables and garlic pasta



Vegetarian röti

Röti served with masala marinated potato/green beans/boiled egg and tofu



Chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake with a crust of Bastogne cookies. Served with whipped cream and stracciatella ice cream


Sugar bread

French toast (wentelteefje) of sugar bread with whipped cream, malaga ice cream and salted caramel


Red fruit trifle

Trifle of red fruits with mascarpone and cake served with whipped cream and strawberry ice cream


Cheese tasting (2 persons)

A selection of tasty cheese served with mustard mayonnaise, honey and walnuts



Try one of our wines to pair your dessert

Viognier, Malamado, Familia Zuccardi, Argentina

Golden sweet with elegant and fruity aromas such as dried apricots, almonds and honey.{newliFruit based desserts


Malbec, Malamado, Familia Zuccardi, Argentina

Rich and ripe with a well-balanced sweetness. Immensely concentrated with bramble and raisin character.
Vanilla and chocolate desserts